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Basic Concepts

Database Creation
  Database Creation using Create Database command
  Database Creation using SQL Sever Management Studio (SSMS)
  How to take Database backup in SQL SERVER
  How to restore database backup in SQL SERVER

Database designing
 Database Normalization
     First Normal Form (1NF) 
     Second Normal Form (2NF)
     Third Normal Form (3NF)

 DML, DDL, DCL, TCL in SQL Server
 ACID Rules in Sql Server

  Table Creation
  Sql server Constraints – Primary Key, Foreign Key, Unique Key, Not Null, Check Constraints

  Difference between Primary key and Unique key

  Identity Property

  Finding Duplicate Values in a table

  Renaming a Column in Sql Server

  How to remane a Table in Sql Server

  Adding , Deleting and Updating a Column in a table

  How to change the database collation

  Query, Sub Query, Nested Query and Correlated Subquery

  How to make database offline or online

  Group by…..Having Clause

  Difference Between Having and Where Clause in Sql Server

  Sql Server – Union and Union All

  Sql Joins- Inner Joins, Self Joins, Outer Joins, Cross Joins

  Intersection command in SQL Server

  RIGHT() function in SQL Server

  LEFT() function in SQL Server
  Between function in SQL Server

  Deleting Duplicate rows using CTE

  Stuff VS Replace function in SQL Server

  While loop in SQL server

  Exception handling in SQL Server

  Best practices for Database Programming

Advance Topics

 Indexes in Sql server

Interview Questions on SQL Server

 Interview Questions On Sql Server -Part 2

 Interview Questions on Sql Server -Part 3

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