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Interview question – Is Clustered index on column with duplicate values possible?

By | August 13, 2015

Through this article, we are going to discuss three important interview questions of SQL which are given below:-  1) Can we create clustered index on a column containing duplicate values?  2) Can we create a Primary Key on a table on which a clustered index is already defined? 3) If a clustered index is already defined on a… Read More »

Question of the Month (July)

By | August 3, 2015

Question of the Month Suppose we have a table emp_plan  which contains 4 columns “Empid” (employeeid), Planid (Projectid), Startdate(Allocation Start date) and Enddate (Allocation Enddate). Its structure is given below:-4  Create table emp_plan (empid nvarchar(200),planid nvarchar(20),startdate datetime, enddate datetime) Also below is the script to enter sample data into the table:- insert into emp_plan(empid,planid,startdate,enddate) select ‘001’,’planA’,’2015-05-15′,’2015-05-30′… Read More »

Interview Questions on sql server -Part-1

By | January 31, 2010

1. What is the Normalization? Normalization:-Normalization can be defined as the process of organization the data to reduce the redundant table data to the minimum. This process is carried out by dividing the database into two or more than two tables and defining relationship between them so that deletion, updation and insertion can be made… Read More »