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Merge Command In Sql Server

Merge Command:- Merge command is a new feature introduced in the SQL Server 2008. It can perform Update, Insert and delete operations at a single statement which means all the data is processed and read only once instead of three … Continue reading

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Adding , Deleting and Updating a Column in a table

Many times we need to alter the table definition by adding , deleting or updating a column in the table. In this article, I am trying to explain the following :- 1. How to add a column 2. How to … Continue reading

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Derived Table In Sql Server

Derived tables:-  Derived tables are the tables which are created on the fly with the help of the Select statement. It is different from the temporary table in the way that  in case of temporary table, first we have to create a temporary … Continue reading

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Pivot and Unpivot table in SQL SERVER

Pivot Table:- Pivot tables are used to summarize and display the data, specially in case of report data by means of aggregating the values. Pivot table can be used if we want to display the unique values of the column of … Continue reading

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