dmca premi badge 4 2 Rebuild And Reorganization of Indexes SQL Advance Concepts

Rebuild And Reorganization of Indexes

Rebuild and  Reorganization of Indexes SQL Server has the ability of maintaining the indexes whenever we makes changes (update, Insert, Delete) in the tables. Over a period of time, the may causes the fragmentation on the table in which  the logical ordering based on the key value pairs does not match with the physical ordering inside the data […]

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dmca premi badge 4 3 Fragmentation in SQL Server SQL Advance Concepts

Fragmentation in SQL Server

Fragmentation:- Fragmentation can be defined as condition where data is stored in a non continuous manner. In can be defined into two types 1. Internal Fragmentation 2. External Fragmentation Internal Fragmentation:- In this fragmentation, there exists a space between the different records within a page. This is caused due to the Insert, delete or Update process […]

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