Round() function in SQL Server

Round():-This function is used to round a numeric field to the number of decimals specified.


    ROUND ( numeric_expression , length [ ,function ]

numeric_expression :-Expression of the exact numeric or approximate numeric data type category, except for the bit data type.

length:- Optional.Must be an expression of type tinyint, smallint, or int. When length is a positive number, numeric_expression is rounded to the number of decimal positions specified by length. When length is a negative number, numeric_expression is rounded on the left side of the decimal point, as specified by length.

function:-Function must be tinyint, smallint, or int. When function is omitted or has a value of 0 (default), numeric_expression is rounded. When a value other than 0 is specified, numeric_expression is truncated.


1) Select Round(234.32,-3)

2) Select Round(234.32,-2)

3) Select Round(234.32,-1)

4) select Round(234.32,0)

5) Select Round(234.32,1)

6) Select Round(234.32, 2)

7) Select Round(234.32,3)

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