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Many times my friends ask me which technical sites they should refers for finding the solutions, so below is the list of tech sites which I used to refer most of the times for learning technologies and finding the solutions I like this site because I find here some very good tutorials in SQL which are very simple to understand and gives some good knowledge for a person which is not expert in SQL Server. I love this site since it has some brilliant authors who share their knowledge through some very good articles. This is Microsoft sites where you can get help on any topic however small it may be. Some in depth information with easy to understand language. This is one of my favorite discussion forum where you can get the solutions of most of your problems. Also from multiple answers , you can also mention which is working or which is best which help others. This site needs no introduction as it contains lots of articles on each technology. Lots of technical professional share their knowledge on this site. You can ask your question in this site ask question section. You can get many quality articles on this site. Also best articles of the month competition is always going on where you can win some good prizes by submitting your articles and winning the competition. is my blog where I share my technical knowledge though articles. I always reads the articles on this site before going for any interview or whenever I needs to brush up my knowledge. So always trying to maintains the quality of articles on this site. Like Simple-talk, this is one of the best site for database. Have so many brilliant database experts as its author. Daily publish so many quality articles and also mentions good articles from other sites too. Its Question of the Day sections always comes up with a very good objective questions. Whenever you search for any SQL topic or issue , Google always show the link of this site in first few entries. Run by one of the best Indian database legend Pinal Dave, this site contains lots of SQL articles from small to complex topics. This is the site which helps me a lot in learning the SQL Server. A video tutorial site contains lots of video tutorials for each
and every technology. All tutorials contains good explanations of the concepts with some very good demo. You can also took pre course online test to judge your knowledge before starting the course and also took post course test to judge your increased knowledge.You only has to subscribe on it which cost you some monthly fees. It has 2 options of subscription is the best site for learning Android development. All tutorials on this site has been written in a very simple language which is easy to understand. I must say it is a must read site for any developer who want to learn android or working on it.
There are some other popular sites also like, C#corner,, which you can refers for finding your solutions. If you refers some other quality technical site or blog, please mention it as a comment so that others also get benefited. 

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Database Consultant with more than 11.5 years of experience in database designing & programming and DBA related activities.  Had good experience on different databases like SQL Server, MySQL & Oracle, Azure SQL &  Big Data.
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    Great article Vivek. Thanks a lot for sharing this awesome info.
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