Interview questions for database developer

Technical Round Database Interview Questions

1) What are the different types of Trace flags which we used for detecting the Deadlock?
2) What are the different types of database backups?
3) How do you perform the Error handling in SQL Server?
4) What is the ACID property in SQL Server?
5) What are the best practices in Database programming?
6) What are the different isolation level in SQL Server
7) What is the default isolation level in SQL Server
8) What is dirty read in SQL Server
9) What are the Serializable isolation level in SQL Server
10)What are the Rank functions in SQL server
11) What is Replication in SQL Server
12) What is the stuff function in SQL Server?
13) What is the Difference between Stuff command and Replace command in SQL Server
14) What is the merge command in SQL Server?
15) What is the Pivot/Unpivot table in SQL Server?
16) What is Derived table in SQL Server?
17) What is the Output clause in SQL Server?
18) What is the temporary tables in SQL Server?
19) What are the different types of database in SQL Server?
20) What is CTE in SQL Server?
21) What are the benefits of using CTE SQL Server  
22) What are cursors in SQL Server?
23) What are Views in SQL Server?
24) What are Triggers in SQL Server?
25) What are magic tables in SQL Server?
26) What are the difference between Stored Procedure and SQL triggers in SQL Server?
27)If no rows are affected by the SQL query, will after trigger will execute?
28) How can we improve the performance of an stored procedure?
29) What are the heap table in SQL Server?
30) Where we need to use table variable and where we should use temporary tables?
31) What is log shipping in SQL Server?
32) What is fragmentation in SQL Server?
33) What is the difference between logical and physical fragmentation?
34) In which database temporary tables are created?
35) What is the difference between Except command and Intersect command?
36) What is the BCNF in SQL Server?
37) What is database collation?
38) Suppose there are two
tables A and B and we need to write 3 SQL queries which returns
the record set as shown in the below figure.
39) Suppose we have to
design a database in which employees can work on multiple projects.There
are many designation defined in the organization to which each employee
can belongs.
example, Software engineer, Team lead, Project Manager, Project lead,
QC engineer, QC Lead, QC manager etc. An employee can belong to one
at a time.  It means at a time an employee can either be Software
engineer or team lead or project manager but not software engineer as
well team lead at a same time.

Also the projects can work on different technologies like .Net, SQL
Server, Oracle, HTML5 etc. Every project has a start data and end date. A
project can work can include many technologies like .net, SQL Server ,
Java script, HTML5 etc. Most of the time every project work include a
front end server technology like JAVA., uses Java script, HTML,
CSS as client side technologies and SQL Server, oracle as back end
database server. So In this ways a project work can include many
technologies as in above example,  suppose a project can use as
server end front end technology, java script, HTML, CSS , AJAX as client
side technology and SQL server as back end database server.

What should be the design the database schema (tables, their foreign keys, primary keys etc.?

40) Suppose we have a table named tbl_charactername have only one column say “charactername”.

It contains 10 rows. First 5 rows contains “Vivek Johari” and the next 5 rows contains “Abhinav Golwalkar”
Vivek Johari
Vivek Johari
Vivek Johari
Vivek Johari
Vivek Johari
Abhinav Golwalkar
Abhinav Golwalkar
Abhinav Golwalkar
Abhinav Golwalkar
Abhinav Golwalkar
Now we need a SQL Query which can return the result in the form
Desired Result:-
Vivek Johari
Abhinav Golwalkar
Vivek Johari
Abhinav Golwalkar
Vivek Johari
Abhinav Golwalkar
Vivek Johari
Abhinav Golwalkar
Vivek Johari
Abhinav Golwalkar

Query should work even if the table has 30 rows with first 15 contains “vivek johari” and next 15 contains “Abhinav Golwalkar” or 40 rows with first 20 contains “vivek johari” and next 20 contains “Abhinav Golwalkar” etc. But output should contains “Vivek Johari” and “Abhinav Golwalkar” in alternate rows.
41)  Suppose we have a table says tbl_students whose structure is given below:-

Create table tbl_students(Studentid int identity(1,1) , Studentname nvarchar(150))

Suppose it contains the following data:-

Studentid  Studentname
1               Vivek Johari
2               Chandra Singh
4               Avinash Dubey
6               Akhil
7               Sunny Rana
10             Saurabh

As one can see from the data that some rows are deleted from the table as some studentids are missing.

So write a query which gives the studentid which are deleted from this table
Project Manager Round Questions:-

1) Give me your brief introduction.
2) What your current project and your role in it?
3) How is your team size?

4) what is the hierarchy in your organization?

5) Have you any experience of DBA activity?
6) How big your database size?
7) How you optimize database (same technical question but this time PM just want to know just an overview)?
8) What best practices you follow in your company?
9) Any tools your company uses for database designing?

10) Do your company follow Agile methodology ?

11) Any challenges you faces in your current project?
12) Why you want to change your current organization
13) Would you like to work on C#, web services, Java (in case of Oracle) if required?
14) How early you can join(want to know your notice period or possibility of early joining)?
15) Do you want to ask any question from us?

About vivekjohari

Database Consultant with more than 11.5 years of experience in database designing & programming and DBA related activities.  Had good experience on different databases like SQL Server, MySQL & Oracle, Azure SQL &  Big Data.
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  1. Dhani Sahu says:

    Nice Questions… Good post

  2. Hello vivekjohari,

    Hip Hip Hooray! I was always told that slightly slow in the head, a slow learner. Not anymore! It’s like you have my back. I can’t tell you how much I’ve learnt here and how easily! Thank you for blessing me with this effortlessly ingestible digestible content.

    We are looking for some recommendations or best practices for creating or architecting a simple trigger. We have a table that will have data inserted periodically throughout the day. Upon completion of the insert (and possibly updates) we’ll need two things to happen:
    1) We’ll update data in a second table. This could be a simple update or possibly calling a stored procedure.
    2) We’ll also need to initiate an e-mail
    I’ve done some simple triggers before but was not sure of the right structure for combining the two processes. Can I do that in one trigger? Please advise. This is for SQL2014. Look forward to a response.
    But nice Article Mate! Great Information! Keep up the good work!

    Krishna kumar

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