Script to find the Fragmentation of indexes

Script to find the Fragmentation in Indexes

In my previous articles, Fragmentation in SQL Server and Rebuild And Reorganization of Indexes , we talk in detail about Index fragmentation and rebuild or reorganize the indexes. Below is the SQL script which we can use to find the Fragmentation in Indexes created on the database.

SELECT OBJECT_NAME(OBJECT_ID), index_id,index_type_desc,index_level,
FROM sys.dm_db_index_physical_stats (DB_ID( N'Database name') , 
NULL, NULL, NULL , 'SAMPLED') ORDER BY avg_fragmentation_in_percent DESC

avg_fragmentation_in_percent represents  logical fragmentation.

If this value is higher than 5% and less than 30%, then we should use


If this value is higher than 30%, then we should use


Please note:- As per MSDN, rebuilding an index can be executed online or offline. Reorganizing an index is always executed online. To achieve availability similar to the reorganize option, you should rebuild indexes online.

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Database Consultant with more than 11.5 years of experience in database designing & programming and DBA related activities.  Had good experience on different databases like SQL Server, MySQL & Oracle, Azure SQL &  Big Data.
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33 Responses to Script to find the Fragmentation of indexes

  1. Anonymous says:

    OBJECT_NAME() will be scoped to the current database, which is master in your example, despite the OBJECT_ID being from another database, so that could return nothing or name of an object from the master database if one exists with the same OBJECT_ID. Also, online index rebuilds are only available in Enterprise (or Developer) edition, so many people can't use that feature.

  2. admin says:

    Thanks For Correction. I have remove the Use Master command.:-)

  3. Anonymous says:

    script that works (subst function: do yourself).

    What I do NOT understand: there are some tables I reorganize over and over again, but fragmentation stays high, up to 66 %.

    alter procedure _adm_reorg_ix
    if @@error = 0
    exec _adm_reorg_ix

    declare @c cursor
    set @c = cursor for
    select sql from ( — a
    ind_name =,
    sql = case
    when avg_fragmentation_in_percent < 5 then
    when avg_fragmentation_in_percent < 30 and page_count > 100 then
    dbo.subst2('ALTER INDEX $1 on $2 reorganize',, collate database_default
    dbo.subst2('ALTER INDEX $1 on $2 rebuild WITH (ONLINE = OFF)',, collate database_default
    master.sys.dm_db_index_physical_stats (DB_ID(db_name()) , NULL, NULL, NULL , 'SAMPLED') s
    left join sys.indexes i on i.object_id = s.object_id and i.index_id = s.index_id
    cross apply ( values (OBJECT_NAME(s.OBJECT_ID))) o (name)
    –order by 3 desc
    ) a
    where sql <> ''

    declare @sql varchar(300)
    open @c
    while 0= 0 begin
    fetch next from @c into @sql
    if @@fetch_status <> 0 break
    print @sql
    exec (@sql)

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