SQL Script to find the databases size

Sometimes we need to find out the size of the database on a server. Below SQL Scripts can be used to find out the size of all the databases created on the server. 

;WITH DBSize (SqlServerInstanceName, DatabaseName, DatabaseSize, DBLogSize, TotalDBSize)
  SELECT      @@SERVERNAME SqlServerInstanceName,
            db.name AS DatabaseName,
            SUM(CASE WHEN af.groupid = 0 THEN 0 ELSE af.size / 128.0E END) AS DatabaseSize,
            SUM(CASE WHEN af.groupid = 0 THEN af.size / 128.0E ELSE 0 END) AS DBLogSize,
            SUM(af.size / 128.0E) AS TotalDBSize
FROM        master..sysdatabases AS db
INNER JOIN  master..sysaltfiles AS af ON af.[dbid] = db.[dbid]
WHERE       db.name NOT IN (‘distribution’, ‘Resource’, ‘master’, ‘tempdb’, ‘model’, ‘msdb’) — System databases
            AND db.name NOT IN (‘Northwind’, ‘pubs’, ‘AdventureWorks’, ‘AdventureWorksDW’)   
GROUP BY    db.name
SELECT * FROM DBSize order by TotalDBSize desc

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