Do you know about Whatsapp web?

Whatsapp claims that they currently have 500 million users worldwide. That is pretty impressive looking at the good amount of distinctively decent competitors they have within the space of Social Networking communication. ViberLineGoogle Hangout,Facebook Messenger & Hike (Commonly in India). While all these products are growing inch by inch and including new set of features into their product, whatsapp has never really seen any major makeover or a big release since Facebook took it over. Changing the paradigm, Whatsapp’s Web version has been introduced recently. Let us review and assess do we have got a Cherry with an already delicious pineapple cake or a bitter cup?
To begin using Whatsapp web, you would have to follow few steps
1. Update your whatsapp application to the latest version:  Right now, the web version is only compatible with Google Chrome when paired with the Android, Windows Phone, or Blackberry version of the mobile app. iOS users sadly have to wait for some more time till they see the sunrise.
2. Pairing: The process of bringing whatsapp to the Desktop shall begin by pairing the Web version with the Whatsapp Mobile Application.  To pair your mobile application, navigate to Web version of Whatsapp by typing in on your browser’s Address bar. You shall view a similar interface as below
Whatsapp web screenshot

Now, open the Whatsapp application on your Android mobile and open Menu. You shall be prompted to scan the QR code present on the Chrome window (As depicted in figure above).
Note: QR code(abbreviated from Quick Response Code) is a complex matrix of coded information represented in a square shape. If you want to know more about QR code, head here.
Point your mobile so that QR Code can be seen within your mobile and fits within Scan area. The Mobile shall automatically pair the web version of whatsapp to load the similar view on web view.
Once you are in, you can search for your friends in the similar fashion as you’d do from your mobile. You can send messages, share images. You also have the option to record your voice using the Microphone button, that is placed exactly where you’d observe on your mobile version (Adjacent to message type-in area).
The only thing that I really miss is the ability of Web version to forward the received messages. Hopefully, whatsapp should be able to bring this feature soon. Till then, you can still enjoy the luxury of keep plugged on your desktop, without your boss knowing that you are still “Whatsapp Phantom“.

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Database Consultant with more than 11.5 years of experience in database designing & programming and DBA related activities.  Had good experience on different databases like SQL Server, MySQL & Oracle, Azure SQL &  Big Data.
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