Advantages of SQL Stored Procedure

SQL Stored procedure are the set of logically group of SQL statement which are grouped to perform a specific task. Stored procedure are better than the inline SQL queries as they help in securing the database from SQL Injection. It also help in increasing the performance of the Database. There are many other Advantages of SQL Stored Procedure which we are going to discuss in this article.

Advantages of SQL Stored Procedure

1) One of the main benefit of using the Stored procedure is that it  reduces the amount of information sent to the database server. It can become more important benefit when the bandwidth of the network is less. Since if we send the SQL query (statement)which is executing in a loop to the server through network and the network get disconnected then the execution of the SQL statement don’t returns the expected results, if the SQL query is not  used between Transaction statement and rollback statement is not used.
2) Compilation step is required only once when the stored procedure is created. Then after it  does not required recompilation before executing unless it is modified and re utilizes the same execution plan whereas the SQL statements needs to be compiled every time whenever it is sent for execution even if we send the same SQL statement every time.
3) It helps in re usability of the SQL code because it can be used by multiple users and by multiple client since we needs to just call the stored procedure instead of writing the same SQL statement every time. It helps in reduces the development time.
4) Stored procedure is helpful in enhancing the security since we can grant permission to the user for executing the Stored procedure instead of giving the permission on the tables used in the Stored procedure.
5) Sometime it is useful to use the database for storing the business logic in the form of stored procedure since it make it secure and if any change is needed in the business logic then we may only need to make changes in the stored procedure and not in the files contained on the web server.



SQL stored procedure is one of the most important concept of SQL Server. You can read more about the SQL Stored procedure and its various type from the article Sql Server – How to write a Stored procedure in Sql server. In this article, we discuss many advantages of SQL Stored Procedure.

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