Log Shipping in SQL Server

By | December 31, 2012
Log Shipping:- Log Shipping is a process of keeping the latest copy of the database of the primary database server on the secondary database server with the help of transaction logs backup. It is done on a regular basis to minimize the loss of the database in case of database fail over. It is a continuous process in which the backup of the transaction logs has been taken on the regular basics and then they are  transported to the secondary server. In the secondary server, the transactions backups are restored to make the database on the secondary database server as the exact replica of the primary database or near to the current primary database.

This process can have three components:-

Primary database Server:- This server contains the primary database .The backup of the transaction logs of the Primary database is taken on this server and send to the Secondary database server.

Secondary database Server:- This server contains the secondary database . There can be one or more than one secondary database server. Here backup of the primary database server transactions log are applied to the secondary database server databases individuality so that they have database which is close to the Primary server database.

Monitor Server:- This optional server, monitor the log shipping process by recording the history and the status of the the backups of the transaction logs. It also monitor the restore operations on the secondary server. It can also raise alarm if the process is not completed as per scheduled.


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