SQL Recovery Software: An Ultimate Tool For SQL Database Recovery

SQL Server is a database management system which enables to store and retrieve data from the database. Due to some reasons like virus infection, improper closing of the Server, etc. the data in the database may go damaged or corrupted. The recovery of the data can be made possible with SQL Recovery Software. The tool attains an easy recovery of the database files from corruption or damage; no matter how deep the infection is. Both the MDF and NDF files get repaired using the tool and all the triggers, stored procedures, tables, functions, etc. in the database are also recovered within seconds.
More On Software
SQL Repair tool restores all the data from the damaged database file of any server such as; Server 2016, 2014, 2012, 2008, & all below versions. With the software, all the hard deleted data items can be restored without any changes to the data.Being a Windows based software, the tool supports all the versions; Windows 8.1 and below.The Advance scan option recovers entire data when the corruption infection is severe and there is Quick scan mode for minor damage recovery. The tool is supported with the auto-detection option for the selection of NDF files as well as the SQL Server version. Once the restoration of the database files are done, software allows exporting the files back to the Server.
Overview Of SysTools SQL Recovery Software

Function Recover SQL Database from corruption
Version 6.3
Size 6.5 MB
Server Support SQL Server 2016, 2014, 2012, 2008 R2 / 2008, 2005 & 2000
Windows Version Supports Windows 10 and below

Outstanding Features of SQL Recovery Software

Scan Modes
The tool is implemented with advanced algorithms for the recovery of the files. The “Scan Mode” option helps to recover the corrupted or damaged Server database files. The tool supports two scan modes; Quick and Advance. If the database file is less corrupted, users can go for “Quick” scan mode or else if the damage is severe, “Advance” scan restores all the data without loss.

Detects Server Version
Suppose, if you don’t know the version of the SQL Server where the database file is saved, there is “Auto detect SQL server file (.mdf) version” choice which will automatically search for the server file version once when the checkbox is ticked. Else, the user can mention the server version directly from the radio options provided but, one should be careful while opting since wrong selection of the server may lead to inconsistency.
NDF File Scan Option
The users can either add multiple files or folders for scanning and recovering. If the added files are to be removed, the tool is sufficient with that feature too. The eminent feature of the NDF option is that, it automatically detects the NDF files when the “Autodetect the SQL server secondary database (.ndf) files” option is selected. If the user doesn’t know the location of the file, auto-detect feature will be of useful; both to search the file and save time. Else, the user can select and provide the files using the “Let me choose the SQL Server secondary database (.ndf) files” choice

Hierarchical Structure
After the restoration of the database files, it shows the content of the files in hierarchical manner. The software will show all the contents such as; stored procedures, tables, triggers, functions, rules, etc. and each of the contents is expandable too. The structuring makes the viewing comfortable and easy.

Export Modes
Once when the files or folders are recovered from the damage, the tool allows exporting the recovered files back to the database itself. Either the user can export to “SQL Server Database” or to “SQL Server Compatible SQL Scripts”. If the user chooses the first option then, will have to provide the server name, database name, the credentials of the server. But, the latter option is usually opted when the server is not present or files are not to be exported to the server for time being. The “SQL Server Compatible SQL Scripts” choice will save the files in scripts and user can later transport the scripts.

Dual Export Option
While exporting the database files to the server or when saving in script forms, the tool facilitates the users with two options. User can export the files either “With only Schema” or “With Schema & Data” options. Both these options are applicable for both the exports i.e. to SQL Server Database or SQL Server Compactible SQL Scripts.

Versions & Its Extents
Demo Version
The capability of the application can be checked using the demo version available. If the user is satisfied will the working then, can go for the purchase option. But, the demo version is limited to the recovery of the files. The exporting and saving cannot be done with the demo version.
License Version
Along with the demo version, the full version is also available in the office website. The Licensed version recovers all the added files or folders and enables to export and save the restored files back to the server, if needed.
Pros & Cons

  • Supports the recovery of both .ndf and .mdf files from damages or corruptions.
  • Enables to scan multiple .ndf files at a time.
  • Automatically selects the SQL Server version for the MDF files, if unknown.
  • Two scanning modes for the recovery of the files.
  • Selects the NDF files automatically, if the user doesn’t know the location.
  • Exports retrieved files back to Server database or saves in Compatible SQL Scripts.
  • Provides facility for exporting either schema only or both schema and data together.

Doesn’t scan and recover LDF files of the database
The Verdict
In the technical point of view, the tool is equipped with all the sufficient features for the recovery of the database files. On the basis of its working, software can be rated as 9.6/10. Though the tool doesn’t recover LDF files, it efficiently restores both MDF and NDF files which are more important than the LDF files. For the repairing of the database files from damage, users can depend on the SQL Recovery Software without a second thought.

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